The ObjectMapper .NET Project

The Relational Persistence Framework for .NET

Architectural Advantages

Using ObjectMapper .NET, there is no need to remain in the stone age using outdated or inadequate design paradigms. The ObjectMapper .NET gives you the opportunity to use today's cutting edge patterns that are based on proven strategies.

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and its RAD like designers use datasets and produce code that includes real SQL statements. This leads to very poor application design, spreading intimate knowledge about database structures all over the application, not honoring any layered architectural approach.
Using business entities and the ObjectMapper .NET one can build 3-layered architectures with clean separation-of-concerns. The user interace layer talks to business components using well-defined interfaces, the business components talk with the ObjectMapper .NET in a database independend way, the ObjectMapper .NET finally talks to the concrete database.

The advantage:
You can change your database provider by only setting one or two new parameters for the ObjectMapper .NET. You don't have to migrate various SQL statements to a new SQL dialect or adjust your application to different SQL data types. All database specific things get handled by the ObjectMapper .NET.