The ObjectMapper .NET Project

The Relational Persistence Framework for .NET


The following developers have been working on the ObjectMapper .NET Project.

Gerhard Stephan

He's the man behind the ObjectMapper .NET.

As the initiator of the ObjectMapper .NET he had the idea to this software project.
Furthermore he developed the main part of the ObjectMapper .NET.

Gerhard is working since 1993 as a professional developer and he always thinks about:
"The daily madness and how to solve it."

Carl Reitschuster

As an Oracle Specialist he developed a great PL/SQL Back-end for the ObjectMapper .NET.

Carl is working as an oracle professional and he says:
"Wish you high performance in every area of your life."

Alexander Jung

Because of his performance hints he helped that the ObjectMapper .NET outperforms other O/R Mappers.
Furthermore he reviewed the web pages for spelling and grammer.

Alexander is working as the technology manager at the SDX-AG.
SDX - Software that works

Perhaps we'll find some more developers in future ...